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Connect to friends, family, and colleagues.

Send files, photos, contacts and other content.

Available on Android, iOS, or Window.
Alpha Version for Windows Phone now available.



SHAREit is the SAFE way to share files!


"Every single device plugged into a USB port on your computer could pose a threat worse than any malware we’ve ever seen."


Read the full article at Venture Beat.

What can I do?

Send files like photos, music and contacts.

The files will be saved on the receiver device.


Quickly and easily find your friends and start sharing.

It’s simple, easy and fast!

Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library


What network can I use?

Any type of network, or even no network at all!

More text explaining this here


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he or she has the right to share such content. Users should be familiar with the license terms applicable to any application or other data acquired from a third party before sharing. Lenovo shall not be liable for any consequences of the improper sharing of any content by a user.

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