ECA TP 447 System displays a “Fan error” message during POST, or system shuts down due to a fan failure - ThinkPad T410/T410i

ECA TP 447 System displays a “Fan error” message during POST, or system shuts down due to a fan failure - ThinkPad T410/T410i
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World Wide, Lenovo Confidential
Lenovo ECA Number: ECA TP-447
Classification C/S/U (Dealer Confidential)
ECA Start Date: 30 September 2011
ECA End Date: 30 June 2012
ECA category: Fix-on-Fail (FoF)

  • The purpose of this ECA is to provide a replacement thermal fan assembly for ThinkPad T410 / T410i systems which exhibit the symptom described in the “Detail” section below.
  • This ECA is implemented World Wide.
  • The repair policy for this ECA is Fix-on-Fail
  • The effective date of this ECA is September 30, 2011.


Machine Type B/M Machines affected and/or feature/device/description Service hours System hours
2516 2518 2519 2522 2537 2538 2539   See Physical check section below 0.5 0.5

Physical check

Eligibility for this ECA requires the system to meet ALL the following requirements:

  1. The system must be a ThinkPad T410 or T410i of the above machine types.
  2. The system must be manufactured on or before June 30, 2011. This can be viewed on the product label on the bottom of the system unit, or in the PEW warranty website.
  3. The system must exhibit the failing symptom as described in the “Detail” section of this document below.
  4. The system must contain a thermal fan assembly of either FRU part number 45M2721 (integrated fan) or 45M2722 (discrete fan). This can be confirmed by a physical inspection of the fan assembly FRU.



The system must experience one of the following failing symptoms in order to qualify for this ECA:

  1. Upon boot of the system (either while on AC power or on battery power), the system gives the user a “Fan error” message during system POST, and then powers off.
  2. While the system is operating, the system suddenly and intermittently powers off. During the service inspection, it must be confirmed that this power off is due to the fan motor’s inability to spin the fan blades correctly, and is not due to (all of the below):
    1. Lack or incorrect amount of thermal grease between the fan and the CPU and/or video chip.
    2. Something physically blocking the fan blades from rotating correctly, such as wireless network antenna cable.
    3. Dusty or dirty fan blades or clogged system vents/filters, which will restrict the correct airflow to cool the system properly.

    NOTE: In either case above, the failure may be intermittent, and a successive power on of the ThinkPad may not show the failure.

Service Directions

If the system meets the criteria stated above, replace the thermal fan assembly with either FRU P/N 45M2723 (integrated fan) or 45M2724 (discrete fan):

  • FRU 45M2721 -> FRU 45M2723 (or newer FRU P/N)
  • FRU 45M2722 -> FRU 45M2724 (or newer FRU P/N)

For qualified systems, repairs should be done according to normal repair methods as documented in the ThinkPad T410 and T410i Hardware Maintenance Manual.

NOTE: This ECA will expire on June 30, 2012.