Chapter 04
*Specific models only
4-5 Statement
TapSettings Settings in the applications list to open the Settings interface.

This setting module includes: SIM management, WLAN, Bluetooth, Data usage and More... (Airplane mode, VPN, Personal hotspot and Mobile networks*).

SIM management

SIM management allows you to enable/disable a SIM card, and set a SIM card as the default, etc.


This setting allows you to enable/disable WLAN connections.

When WLAN is enabled, your IdeaTab will automatically scan for available wireless networks, displaying them in the WLAN network list.

The network status icon,Wifiindicates that the network requires no password, and can be connected to directly. However, indicates that the network has been encrypted, and can be connected to only after the required password is entered.

You can select any network you want from the list. After selecting the network, tap Connect to connect directly. Alternatively, select the check box in front of Show advanced options to adjust the proxy and IP settings in the pop-up text box, and then tap Connect to connect to a network. You can also select ADD NETWORK to manually add a network. Tap, then Advanced for advanced WLAN settings.

  • Network notification: When activated, the system will notify you if there are any open net works available.
  • Keep WLAN on during sleep: You can set WLAN connection policy during sleep mode to Always, Only when plugged in or Never (increases data usage) .

You can establish a wireless connection with any other Bluetooth compatible device using Bluetooth technology. Examples of Bluetooth compatible devices can include stereo earphones, keyboard, etc.

Since a Bluetooth-enabled device communicates with other devices by radio waves, you do not have to position your IdeaTab directly towards the other device. You simply need to make sure that the maximum distance between the two devices does not exceed 10 m (about 32 feet). However, please note that the Bluetooth connection can sometimes be interrupted by obstacles, such as walls, or other electronic devices.

Your IdeaTab supports V2.0 Bluetooth. To ensure effective operation of your IdeaTab and another Bluetooth-enabled device, please use only Lenovo-approved accessories compatible with your IdeaTab. Also, check with the manufacturer of the other device to determine whether the device is compatible with your IdeaTab.

In some cases, the use of Bluetooth may be restricted. Please consult with local authorities or your service provider.

Using applications that require Bluetooth technology or running such applications in the background will consume the battery power of your IdeaTab at a faster rate, and reduce the service life of your battery. You can perform the following in Bluetooth settings:

  • AVAILABLE DEVICES: After Bluetooth has been activated, your IdeaTab will automatically display a list of any Bluetooth-enabled devices it can find within the effective range (i.e. scan for devices).
Data usage

You can check your data usage status for a specified period.


Airplane mode: When the Airplane mode is enabled, all wireless connections on your IdeaTab will be disabled.


VPN: These settings allow you to add and set up various types of VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Personal hotspot: You can share your IdeaTab's mobile data connection through USB, Bluetooth, or act as a Personal WLAN hotspot Configure WLAN hotspot.

Mobile networks*: This setting module includes Data enabled, Data roaming, Network Mode, System select, CDMA Subscription, Access Point Names, Use only 2G networks and Network operators.



Audio profiles

Tap this option to enter the Sound settings interface. Settings include PROFILES SETTINGS (General, Silence, Meeting, outdoors) and CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE (General, Silence, Meeting).


Display settings include Brightness, Wallpaper, Auto-rotate screen, Screen timeout and Font size.


Brightness: You can manually adjust the brightness or select Automatic brightness, which allows your IdeaTab to adjust screen brightness automatically according to ambient light.


Wallpaper: You can select any pictures from Gallery, Live Wallpapers or Wallpapers as your wallpaper.


Auto-rotate screen: Allow or prevent the screen from automatically rotating.


Screen timeout: This option allows you to select how long your IdeaTab's screen will remain activated without any operation before it is automatically locked to save power. You can set the time to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or Never sleep.


Font size: This option allows you to select the font size for text displayed on the screen. You can set the font size to Small, Normal, Large or Huge.


This option allows you to view internal storage, SD card storage and USB device storage.
Nominal capacity calculation method:1GB=1,000MB=1,000,000KB=1,000,000,000 bytes
Operating system calculation method:1GB=1,024MB=1,048,576KB=1,073,741,824 bytes
The system itself occupies some space; therefore, available space will be less than that calculated.


With this option, you can easily manage and delete selected applications.

You can also filter any running applications or applications provided by third-party software developers in the applications list.

After selecting an application, you will then be able to see its details and related information. You will also be able to perform functions such as Force stop, Uninstall, Clear cache and Clear data.


This setting includes: Accounts & sync, Location services, Security, Language & input and Backup & reset.

Accounts & sync

Adjust these options to change general sync settings and manage accounts.

General sync settings enable you to select background data and Auto-sync. Turn the switch on on the top right of the display to activate.

Account management settings enable you to add accounts or use an existing account. You can log in by using an existing account to view information in your account, or use advanced services and applications for the IdeaTab.

Location services

Select how your IdeaTab determines its location. Use either assisted GPS or GPS.

A-GPS (3G only): Under certain conditions, this can improve startup performance, or time-to-first-fix (TTFF) of a GPS satellite-based positioning system.
GPS satellites (3G only): Pinpoint your location using GPS.



SCREEN SECURITY: You can set the screen lock method, and owner information to be displayed on the lock screen.

  • Screen lock: You can unlock the display in one of four ways: Slide, Pattern, PIN and Password. You can deactivate the screen lock as well by selecting None as well.

Tap Pattern, and use your finger on the screen (as illustrated) to draw an unlock pattern. Once you have set the unlock pattern, you will then be able to toggle Make pattern visible on/off.

After you have set and activated the pattern unlock function, the unlock keypad will be displayed whenever the display is to be unlocked. Use your finger to trace your preset pattern on the keypad. After the preset pattern has been correctly entered, the screen will be unlocked.


Tap PIN to input the PIN code (minimum 4 digits) you will use to unlock the display.

Tap Password to input the password (minimum 4 characters) you will use to unlock the display.

  • Owner info: You can input the owner information to be displayed on the lock screen.

SIM CARD LOCK*: Set SIM card lock-related settings.


PASSWORDS: Under this option, you can decide whether or not your chosen password will be visible when you input it. If the check box is selected, then the password will be visible. If it is not selected, then your password will only be displayed as **** when you input it, thereby keeping your password more secure.


DEVICE ADMINISTRATION: Set to administrate your IdeaTab and allow installation of non-market apps.

  • Device administrators: These functions are not available to ordinary users. Only TsingMail users who have previously set up the appropriate security settings within their organizations can use these functions.

These features work in conjunction with the Enterprise Policy Center (Lenovo Enterprise Policy Manager). The Enterprise Policy Center is the executor of the security policies of the Lenovo enterprise platform. Whenever the user enables the Lenovo enterprise mail and service function, the Enterprise Policy Center will then be enabled automatically. This will allow your IdeaTab to accept security policies as set forth by the IT department of your organization, for example, mandatory screensavers with increased password protection. Enabling these functions also allows your IdeaTab to accept management instructions from your company’s IT department, for example, allowing them to erase data remotely and reset your device.

  • Unknown sources: Select this option to allow installation of non-Market apps.

CREDENTIAL STORAGE: This function allows your IdeaTab to access web pages and LANs for which a specific security certificate or another certificate is required.

  • Trusted credentials: Select this option to display all the trusted CA certificates.
  • Install from SD card: Install certificates from SD card.
  • Clear credentials: Select this option to delete all your currently saved certificates.
Language & input

Language: Select the language you wish to use to operate your IdeaTab.


Spelling correction: Toggle spelling correction on/off.


Personal dictionary: You can add new words or terms here to your IdeaTab's dictionary.


KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS: This option allows you to select and set the input method (including Default and Android keyboard).

Backup & reset
This option allows you to reset your IdeaTab to the factory default settings.
Date & time

These settings allow you to set a number of time-related options, such as system time.


You can enable automatic time and time zone updates via a network (which requires network support), select a time zone, set a specific date and time, and display format for date and time.

Schedule power on/off

This option allows you to set the power on/off time.


SYSTEM: This option allows you to set touch & hold delay time, whether to allow the installation of web scripts.

Developer options

This option is only available to developers, and allows you to set development options to be available for a particular application.

  • USB debugging: Activates debugging mode when connected via USB. You can toggle on/off.
  • Stay awake: The display will stay illuminated while the battery is being charged after the check box is selected. Toggle on/off.
  • Allow mock locations: Toggle on/off.
About tablet
Under this option, you can view Firmware update, Status, Legal information, Model number, Android version, Baseband version and Build number etc.
4-5 Statement

For the device which tests accordance to EN 60950-1:
2006+A11:2009:+A1:2010+A12:2011, it is mandatory to perform audio tests for EN50332.This device have been tested to comply with the Sound Pressure Level requirement laid down in the applicable EN 50332-1and/or EN 50332-2 standards. Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume for prolonged periods of time.

Warning statement: A pleine puissance, l’écoute prolongée du baladeur peut endommager l’oreille de l’utilisateur.
EU Contact: Lenovo, Einsteinova 21, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
*Specific models only
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