Chapter 04
*Specific models only
4-1 Wireless & Networks
4-2 Sound Settings
4-3 Screen Settings
4-4 Location & Security
4-5 Applications
4-6 Accounts & Sync
4-7 Privacy
4-8 Storage
4-9 Language & Input
4-10 Accessibility
4-11 Date & Time
4-12 About Tablet
Within the applications list, touch "Settings Settings" to enter the Settings interface.
4-1 Wireless & Networks
This setting module includes: Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth, Bluetooth settings, Tethering & portable hotspot, VPN settings, Mobile networks, Proxy settings.
Airplane Mode
Once the Airplane Mode has been enabled, all of the wireless connections on your IdeaPad Tablet K1 will be disabled.
Wi-fi/Wi-fi Settings
You can enable/disable WLAN function.

Once the WLAN has been enabled, your IdeaPad Tablet K1 will automatically scan for available wireless networks, displaying them in the WLAN network list.

There is an icon indicating the network status following every LAN, where Wifi indicates that the network requires no password, and can be connected directly, and indicates that the network has been encrypted, and can be connected only after the required password is input.

You can select any network you want from the list. After selecting your desired network, you can directly tap "Connect to network" for connection. Alternately, you can choose to first set "IP" and "Proxy" for your network using the "Advanced" option, and then tap "Connect to network". You can also select <Add WLAN Network> to manually add a network.
  • Wi-fi: WLAN function switch.
  • Network notification: After the switch is turned on, the system will notify you if there are any open networks.
  • Wi-fi disconnect policy: Select Wi-fi disconnect policy: when screen turns off (uses more mobile data), Never when plugged in or never(uses more battery power).
Bluetooth/Bluetooth Settings
You can establish a wireless connection with any other Bluetooth compatible device using Bluetooth technology. Examples of such Bluetooth compatible devices may include stereo earphones, keyboards, etc.
Since a Bluetooth-enabled device communicates with other devices by radio waves, you do not have to position your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to be directly opposite the other device. You simply need to ensure that the maximum distance between the two devices does not exceed 10 m (about 32 feet). However, please note that the Bluetooth connection can sometimes be interfered with by barriers such as walls or other electronic devices.
Your IdeaPad Tablet K1 supports V2.0 Bluetooth specification. To ensure the interactive operation between your IdeaPad Tablet K1 and another Bluetooth-enabled device, please use only Lenovo-approved accessories applicable to your IdeaPad Tablet K1 model. Also, check with the manufacturer of the other device to determine whether the device is compatible with your IdeaPad Tablet K1.
In some cases, the use of Bluetooth may be restricted. Please consult with your local authorities or service provider.
Using functions requiring Bluetooth technology or running these functions in the background will consume the battery power of your IdeaPad Tablet K1 at a faster than average rate, also reducing the service life of your battery. You can perform the following functions in the Bluetooth Settings:
  • Bluetooth devices: After Bluetooth has been turned on, your IdeaPad Tablet K1 will automatically display a list of any Bluetooth-enabled devices it can find in the nearby area (i.e. scan for devices).
Tethering & Portable Hotspot
You can share your tablet's mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
VPN Settings
These settings allow you to add and set up various types of VPN (Virtual Private Network).
*Mobile Network Settings
This setting includes: Data enabled, Data roaming, Access Point Names, Use only 2G networks and Network operators.
Proxy Settings
These settings allow you to set the global HTTP proxy and exclusion lists.
4-2 Sound Settings
Touch this option to enter the Sound Settings interface. The setting includes General (Volume), Notifications (Notifications ringtone) and Feedback (Audible selection and Screen lock sounds).
4-3 Screen Settings
The screen setting options include: Brightness, Animation and Timeout.
You can manually adjust the brightness, or select "Automatic brightness", which allows your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the current ambient light.
Once the animation switch has been turned on, your IdeaPad Tablet K1 will display animations whenever application windows are opened or closed, thereby enhancing both the smoothness and attractiveness of your experience.
This option allows you to select how long your IdeaPad Tablet K1's screen will remain lit without any activity before it automatically locks the screen to save power. You can set the time period to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes.
4-4 Location & Security
Within the settings, you will gain access to the following functions:

My Location, Lock screen, Encryption, SIM card lock, Passwords, Device administration, and Credential storage.

My Location
You can select whether to use wireless networks, GPS satellites or location for Google Search.
Lock Screen
Using these options, you will be able to unlock the screen in one of the three ways: Pattern Unlock, PIN Unlock and Password Unlock. You can cancel the screen lock here as well.
Touch <Pattern> and then use your finger on the screen (as demonstrated) to draw the unlocking pattern of your choice. Once you have set the unlocking pattern, you will then be able to turn <Use Visible Pattern> on/off.
Once you have set and activated the Pattern Unlock function, then the Unlock keyboard will be displayed on the screen whenever the screen is unlocked by the slide. Use your finger to draw your pre-selected pattern on the screen using the Unlock keyboard. After the preset pattern has been correctly drawn, the screen will become unlocked.
Touch <PIN>. You will need to input at least 4 numbers as the PIN code used to unlock the screen.
Touch <Password>. You will need to input at least 4 characters as the password used to unlock the screen.
You can enter a PIN or password to encrypt your accounts, setting downloaded applications and their data, media and other files.
SIM Card Lock
With this option, you can decide whether or not your chosen password will be visible as you input it. If the checkbox is checked, then the password will be visible. If it is unchecked, then your password will only be displayed as **** as you input it, thereby keeping your password more secure.
Device Administration
These functions are not available to ordinary users. Only TsingMail users who have previously set up the appropriate security policies within their companies can use these functions.
These features work in conjunction with the Enterprise Policy Center, (Lenovo Enterprise Policy Manager). The Enterprise Policy Center is the executor of the security policy of the Lenovo enterprise platform. Whenever the user enables the Lenovo enterprise mail and service function, the Enterprise policy center will then be enabled automatically. This will allow your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to accept the security policy as set forth by the IT department of your company, for example, mandatory screen-savers with increased password strength. Enabling these functions also allows your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to accept management instructions from your company’s IT department, for example, allowing them to erase data remotely and reset your device.
Credential Storage
This function allows your IdeaPad Tablet K1 to access web pages and LANs for which a specific security certificate or other certificate is required. After having set the credential storage password, you can access the web pages or LANs with the appropriate security certificates and other certificates you have stored.
  • Use secure credentials: This option will be unavailable until the credential storage password has been set.
  • Install from USB storage: You can install certificates from USB storage.
  • Set password: Touch this option to set the credential storage password. After it has been set successfully, the "Use security certificate" checkbox will be checked, indicating that this option is now available.
  • Clear storage: Select this option to delete all your currently saved certificates and reset the credential storage password.
4-5 Applications
With these settings, you can Manage Applications, Running Services, Storage use, Battery use, Unknown sources, Development (NOTE: This last function is available for developers only.)
Manage Applications
With this option, you can easily manage and delete selected applications of your choice.
Using the <All> menu, you can filter any running applications or applications provided by the third-party software developer in the applications list.
After selecting an application, you will then be able to see its related information details, and also be able to perform functions such as Uninstall , Clear cache and Clear defaults.
Running Services
With this option, you can end and set some running applications.
Storage Use
With this option, you can view storage used by applications.
Battery Use
With this option, you can see what has been using the battery.
Unknown Sources
This option allows installation of non-Market applications.
This option is only available for developers. With it, you can set some of the development options available for that application.
  • USB debugging: Uses the debugging mode when connecting to USB. You can toggle between on/off.
  • Stay awake: The screen will not sleep when the battery is charged. You can toggle between on/off.
  • Allow mock locations: You can toggle between on/off.
4-6 Accounts & Sync
Within these options, you will be able to do general sync settings and manage accounts.
General sync settings enables you to select Background data and Auto-sync.
Via account management settings, you can add accounts, or use existing account. You can log in by using an existing account to view information under your account, and to use some advanced services and applications of that machine.
4-7 Privacy
This option enables you to backup and restore your data.
4-8 Storage
You can see internal storage via this option.
4-9 Language & Input
Language Settings
You can select the language you wish to use to operate your IdeaPad Tablet K1.
Voice Input
With this option, you can do voice recognizer settings.
Voice Output
With this option, you can do text-to-speech settings.
Keyboard Settings
You can select input method and set input method selector(includes Automatic, Always show and always hide) in this setting.
4-10 Accessibility
Within this option, you can allow applications to download accessibility scripts from Google.
4-11 Date & Time
With these settings, you can set a series of time-related options such as the system time.
Date & Time Settings
You can enable the auto time update via network, select the time zone, set the specific date and time, and set the display format of date and time.
4-12 About Tablet
Within this option, you can view System updates, Status, Battery use, Legal information, Model number, Android version, Baseband version, Kernel version and Build number.
*Specific models only
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